Grill & Bar

An outdoor kitchen can provide your North Metro Atlanta home with an excellent entertaining area where you can feed hungry friends and family. There are many different designs available when it comes to these cooking areas, and you could choose to have a BBQ grill and wet bar installed, or you could go all out and have a fridge, sink, bar, stove, storage cabinets, countertops, and special lighting installed. It is entirely up to you and what you are looking for in this new area, and our team at Synergy Landscape Group is here to help.

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Design and Building

When it comes to the design part of the planning process, one of the most important things you will need to think about is where you want this outdoor feature installed. Below are some tips for placement:

  • Proximity: this newly added area should be close to the home, and have an easy way for you and guests to enter back into the house
  • Views of the property: you are going to want to add the area in a place where guests can have a beautiful view of the rest of your yard. Don't have it built in a spot where all you can see are walls and fences.
  • Wind: since you are going to have a grill installed, be sure that the kitchen is placed in a spot where wind won't blow smoke into anyone's face
  • Utilities: gas and electricity should be easily accessible
  • Privacy: you are going to enjoy this area if it has a more private feel. Pick a spot where you can be shielded from the neighbors and people driving by.
  • Shade: you are going to want this eating and cooking area to be as comfortable as possible - so be sure to choose a spot that is properly shaded.

Once you have chosen the perfect location, which is also away from play areas for children as you will be using a hot grill for cooking, we will get started on the building phase of the project. We can add in any hardscapes during this time that you may want, as well, including retaining walls, patios, lighting, and so on.