Outdoor Living

Our team at Synergy Landscape Group will be able to provide you with a gorgeous, comfortable, and functional outdoor kitchen, bar or grill, firepit, and more. We believe in listening to the customer, so before any pencil touches paper and before any shovel hits the ground, we will sit down with you to discuss what you are looking for with your project, and what your time and cost expectations will be for the job. We will then work out a custom design for you that incorporates everything you've been wanting and more.

Check ou these 50 outdoor room and patio ideas from HouseBeautiful.


There are many different styles available for you to choose from, including brick and natural stone. We can help you to choose the best mantle, hearth, and wood storing options. Read more.

Grill and Bar

A full kitchen is not complete without an outdoor BBQ grill and bar. We will help you to choose a location that is close to gas and electricity lines so that you can cook up your family and friends' favorite meals from a functional and comfortable outdoor cooking area. Read more.


Now you can entertain friends and family from the backyard with a special cooking and eating area featuring a fridge, stove, sink, countertop, cabinets, and more. We will be sure that we help you to choose the perfect location so that everyone is comfortable and has a good time. Read more.


This can be important for highlighting certain aspects of your landscape design, including the hearth or mantle of your outdoor fireplace, or your new pavilion, gazebo, or focal trees. Additionally, it can be used to deter potential burglars or thieves with motion sensing technologies. Read more.

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