Landscape Installation and Construction

There are several factors that result in a quality landscape installation.

Site Preparation
Proper Landscape Installation
Quality Plant Material

A great landscape installation begins with site analysis and possible soil testing. From there, we will determine which steps need to follow in the installation process. Then we begin with preparation of the designated planting areas prior to laying plants out. Once areas are prepped, our crew will properly lay out the plant material to our proposed spec plan. We will walk through the proposed spacing and layout with the client prior to installation. Once final layout has been approved, we will begin digging and adding our preferred organic soil amendments into plant holes prior to installation. Around the base of large plants and trees, we will create a soil saucer around to help retain water and insure stability. In some cases, large trees shall be properly staked and tied back by either traditional wire and hose combination or Arbor-Ties. After removing any tags on material, we usually install natural wood mulch or pine straw in surrounding landscape beds. Finally, after installation, plant material will be thoroughly watered in and the clean-up begins. All debris generated through services will be discarded and the disturbed areas will be detailed blown out leaving your property with the must curb appeal.

Before and After Landscaping

We take major pride in our landscape installations rather it be big or small. We select from the top-grade nurseries and tree farms around; this allows us to hand pick and supply the best-looking plant material. These nurseries and tree farms ensure that the plants we have selected are healthy, free of disease, and ready to accent your outdoor living space. Research shows newly installed plants usually fail to survive within the first 45-60 days of transplanting. That is why we back our installations up with a 90-day warranty against defective and unhealthy plants.

Contact Us

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Our Warranty

Once your landscape is installed, you will have the responsibility for caring for your plants or sod. Maintaining your new landscape isn’t that difficult as it may seem. So, when your project is completed, you will be given a general plant care guideline which include recommended watering times. Should you start noticing plant decline such as wilting, leaf drop, discoloration, insect infestation, etc., call us immediately. This allows us to quickly determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

Plants and sod are living and require proper maintenance and care to a varying degree. Occasionally plants will not survive the process of transplanting. Newly installed landscape plants can suffer transplant shock, particularly during the hot summer months. It’s imperative that plants receive proper care to minimize stress, so if you have any questions or concerns after the installation, please contact us.

We will replace or credit all nursery stock supplied and installed by us that fail to survive for a period of 90 days from the date of invoice. Plants will only be replaced one time at no charge for materials and labor. Replacement plants are not warranted.

Plant materials that fail will be quickly replaced as our schedule permits. Reasonable growing conditions must be maintained as provision of the warranty, including automated irrigation, insect and disease control and/or shelter from unreasonable damage by pets or pedestrians.

We warranty all sod sold and installed by us to be free from disease, sound and healthy at the time of date of installation and capable of living for a period of 90 days from the date of installation. We will make replacement of any such sod one time without any cost to the consumer, providing death occurs within the said 90 days. The client shall provide the sod with all reasonable, maintenance and proper care.

Warranties will be voided in cases of physical and/or chemical damage, neglect in watering, overwatering, or pest control, or in accounts over 30 days past due from date of invoice. All material is warranted to be as specified. All work is to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices.