When you choose to add the element of fire to your backyard landscape design, you are going to extend your enjoyment of this outdoor living area for you, your family, and for your guests. These areas provide a lot of warmth, light, ambiance, and they can act as a place for you to cook food, and socialize. People tend to be drawn to the type of atmosphere that these hardscapes provide, and when properly designed and installed, they can act as a superb focal point on your property that can easily be seen from inside and outside of your North Metro Atlanta home.

At Synergy Landscape Group, we have many different designs and styles you can choose from for your backyard project, including built-in and portable pits. Additionally, we work with a variety of building materials, including stone, brick, and concrete. You don't just have to have a standard circular design, either, as we offer L-shaped, triangular, and custom-shaped designs.

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Gas vs Propane

Gas Pros

  • Lights easily
  • No smoke
  • No sparks
  • No ash or soot to clean up
  • Provides beautiful ambiance to your property

Propane Pros

  • Lights easily and quickly
  • No smoke
  • Provides ample lighting to your landscaping
  • Easy to cook with
  • No smoke

Our team of professionals will help you to choose the perfect style and heat source for your pit.