Dry Creek Bed

What is a dry creek bed?

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is created by scalping a gully or channel, which is lined with landscape fabric with stones and sometimes edged with plants to mimic a natural riparian area. A dry creek stream bed is implemented to control storm water runoff and prevent erosion. Depending on the application, the stone selection could range from beautiful river jacks with accent landscape boulders to large rip rap.

Check out these dry creek bed design ideas from Houzz.

The Building Process

The first part of the process is to determine where the bed needs to be placed. Our experts at Synergy Landscape Group will be able to evaluate the drainage situation on your property and determine where the best and most beneficial spot will be. This is where an optimal and natural drainage path will be. Unless, the dry creek bed is a faux stream system and will be installed to add curb appeal.

After the location is selected, we dig out the channel that you want the creek bed to take. In some situations, this may be easy as erosion may have already carved out a path in your lawn. It should be from one to two feet deep and have a slope of around 30 degrees. This slope is crucial, as it will give the water a proper channel to flow through when it is needed, and also create a "natural" look for the stone. Curves and bends will also be added where necessary.

Once the trench has been dug out, non-woven landscape fabric will be laid in the channel. This will prevent rocks from settling and act as a screening system for the storm water. Finally, the selected stones placed manually in the dry creek stream.

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