Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Services

Synergy Landscape Group

Office: (770)889-4968


Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

-Edging (Curb)
-Edging (Bed)
-Weed Eating
-Weed Control (Bed)
-Pruning (Summer)
-Pruning (Selective)
-Pruning (Ornamental)
-Pruning (Shade Trees)
-Debris Removal
-Leaf Removal
-Irrigation Checks
-Fire Ant Control*
-Turf Programs*
-Ornamental Spray*
-Fungicide Spray*
-Seasonal Flower Maintenance*
-Pond & Water Feature Maintenance*
-Landscape Review / Recommendations*
-Organic Applications*

Landscape Installation


Landscape Design / Build

Landscape & Hardscape Lighting

-Moon Lighting
-Patio Lighting
-Pathway Lighting
-Spot Lighting
-Seasonal/Holiday Lighting

Outdoor Living Spaces & Entertainment Areas

-Custom built grills & fireplaces
-Pre-built grills & fireplaces
-Custom built Fire-pits
-Pre-built Fire-pits
-Flagstone patios & walkways
-Brick/Stone pathways
-Putting greens

Water Features

-Custom built ponds
-Customize pond-less water features

Drainage Solutions

-French drains
-Dry Creek Beds
-Retaining Walls

Lawn Applications

-Organic Fertilization (100% All Natural)
-Granular or Pelletized Liquid
-Complete Weed Control Programs
-Fire Ant Applications

Lawn & Shrub Renovation

-Top Dressing
-Lawn Sanding
-Sod Installation
-Storm Debris Removal
-Leaf Removal
-Shrub & Tree Renovative Pruning

Mulch & Pine Straw Applications


-Flower Beds
-Color Design
-Vegetable & Herb gardens
-Perennial & annual gardens
-Holiday Lighting

Drought Solutions

-Rainwater Harvesting Systems
-Water ReUse Systems


-Spring start-up

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