Our professional team at Synergy Landscape Group can provide your North Metro Atlanta home with aquascape design and building services. The number one thing to remember about fountains is that they need to be placed in an area where people will be able to enjoy them. They should never be hidden or in a part of your property that rarely gets visited or seen. This defeats the purpose of even getting one installed.

If your garden has a formal design, the water feature could be placed in a central location and it can be used as a beautiful focal point. They are often placed at the intersection of two walkways, as well. If your garden has an informal setting, then you may think about installation as an accent rather than as a focal point.

Check out these 32 inspiring garden fountain ideas from Sunset.

Other things to consider:

  • Choose a location that will mask street noise as you want a tranquil, peaceful setting where you can enjoy the flowing water
  • Select a spot that can be seen and heard from inside of your home
  • Pick an area that has a close electricity source to run the pump
  • Choose plants for the area that do not drop leaves or things that could prove to be troublesome
  • Pick a spot that is away from areas where children play since you don't want them to fall in the water and get hurt

Materials Available

  • Cast iron
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramic
  • Metal

Our crew will help you to determine the specifics of your project and then we will get straight to work. We will be able to address any questions or concerns that you may have along the way, as well.